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To all the men and women serving our country

First of all, we would like to say, “Thanks for your service.” 

If you are a veteran or current member of the armed forces and are interested in furthering your education, we invite you to consider Dawn Career Institute in Wilmington, Delaware. We can help you apply your military benefits toward your education.

DCI is dedicated to helping military personnel build upon their current foundation of skills and knowledge though our career-focused education. Just as you made a commitment to protect our country with honor, DCI has a commitment to provide military personnel with training in a variety of fields:

  • Healthcare
  • Wellness

Using your VA benefits

Any veteran or current member of the military who receives VA benefits must:

  • Enroll in approved courses
  • Comply with current VA regulations and school policies

VA students who transfer to Dawn must have a new enrollment form completed and submitted to the VA with credit established according to VA policy. The VA will then approve the course and issue an award letter acknowledging the student’s enrollment in the approved course. A VA student’s attendance must comply with VA policy requirements.

Members of the military can benefit from:

  • Career-focused education 
  • Accredited on-campus programs
  • Career placement services
  • Tuition assistance for those who qualify

Start training for your civilian career today!

Explore the opportunities available for you at Dawn Career Institute. 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can prepare you for your next mission in life with career-focused education.